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You are the recently deceased Pharaoh, Nuya.  Guided by the Sun Gods, Khepri; of the rising sun, Ra; of the midday sun, and Atum; of the setting sun, you journey to meet with the great Anubis so that he may weigh your soul and decide your eternal fate.

To help you on your journey, each of the gods has given you a Sun Orb that you may use to help you on your journey.   Should your soul be destroyed (double death), it can be recovered by one of the orbs.  The orbs can also be thrown to  out of reach places.

You must throw your orbs strategically to complete puzzles and make your way through the perilous corodors of the trap-ridden pyramid.

Upon double death, you may chose between your last spawn position (the last place you threw your orb) and the position that you just threw to as your rebirth location.  Choosing your old spawn location will remove your new spawn location.


movement :: WASD
Throw Orb :: [Space]

--When Dead--
Choose Spawn :: [A] for old spawn, [D] for new spawn

~~Death By~~

Guardian Statues

Additional lyricist: Cameron Brantley

Borrowed Assets

----- Sound Effects -----

Door Sliding (Gravely Stone) - Online 

Button Press (Click) - Online 

Heartbeat - Online 

Orb hitting the ground (Landing) - Online 

Orb hitting ground (Shatter) - Online 

Revive Sound (Angelic FX Riser) - Online 


Day of Rest 21 MB
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